Salome's Leitmotifs and Keys

copyright © 2002 by Larry J Solomon

Salome's Leitmotifs

Text painting is integral in the construction of the leitmotifs, following Wagner's example.

Salome's Keys                               

Keys are here indicated with a colon following either a Capital letter for a major key, or a lower case letter for a minor key; e.g., a: means a minor, C: means C major.

a:/A: Salome, the exotic femme fatale   C:/Ab: John/Jesus/God
c#:/C#: Salome's Allure C: Goodness, purity, power, prophesy
B: Salome's Come Hither c: Death
d: The Jews g#: Horror
Eb: John the Baptist F: Narraboth, fruit
eb: Doom, cistern (John's fate) E: Mouth

For more information on Tonality and Form in Salome see: Murphy, Edward,"Tonality and Form in Salome," The Music Review, Vol. 50, No. 3/4, Aug/Nov 1989, pp 215-230.


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