Random Play   

copyright © by Larry Solomon, 1996

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  Two stereo speaker systems are placed, one in front of an audience, one in back. Each plays a compact disc player with "random play" or "shuffle" function.

 A sound-effects disk is played on each system using the "random" or "shuffle" function, both simultaneously. All tracks over 30 seconds in length should be deleted from the programming in advance.

  A silent video piece of 10-12 minutes is projected on a large screen in front of the audience while the sounds are played. The video is prepared from cleanly cut fragments of TV commercials, news, and other programs. Each fragment is no more than a several seconds in length, and most are shorter. It is best if they are played in a random order, although this is not necessary so long as the fragments are not placed in a narrative form.

   The following diagram shows the placement of speakers and their channels. L1 is left channel 1, left. R2 is right channel 2, etc. The sound level should be moderate and balanced.

This piece may be performed free of charge if I am notified by E-mail of the sponsor, performance location and date: (just click on "E-mail")