Musical Instrument Range Chart  

copyright © 2002 rev, 1997 by Larry Solomon

The reference for this list of instrument ranges is the International Pitch Notation (IPN). Pedal tones are not included.

SOUNDS (transposition) COMMENTS
Soprano treble Coloratura: C4-Eb6
Lyric: Bb3-C6
Dramatic: Ab3-C6
Mezzo: G3-Bb5
C4-A5 as written  
Alto treble Contralto: F3-F#5 F3-D5 as written  
Tenor treble (open score)
bass (short score)
Countertenor: G3-F#5
Lyric: C3-C5
Dramatic: C3-Bb4
C3-A4 8ve lower in treble
as written in bass
Baritone bass Lyric: A2-G4
Dramatic: A2-G4
Bass: F#2-E4
G2-E4 as written  
Bass bass cantante: F2-F4
profundo: Db2-D4
Contrabass: Bb1-G3
E2-D4 as written  
Violin treble G3-A7 G3-G6 as written  
Viola alto C3-E6 C3-C6 as written  
Cello bass, tenor, treble C2-C6 C2-G5 as written, but in treble clef may sound 8ve lower (Beethoven)  
Double Bass bass C2-C5, also A2, B2 E2-G4 8ve lower  
Banjo treble C3-A4   as written
(tenor sounds
8ve lower)
Guitar treble E3-E6   8ve lower  
Harp grand staff Cb1-G#7   as written  
Piccolo treble D4-C7 G4-A6 8ve higher  
Flute treble Bb3-D7 C4-C7 as written  
Flute, alto treble C4-C7   P4 lower uncommon in
amateur groups
Oboe treble Bb3-A6 C4-E6    
English Horn treble B3-G6 B3-D6 P5 lower rare in amateur
all except bass
treble E3-C7 E3-F6 Bb: M2 lower
A: m3 lower
D: M2 higher
Eb: m3 higher
D, Eb are rare
in amateur groups
Clarinet, Bass treble or bass Eb3-G6 Eb3-C6 M9 lower;
M2 lower in bass
rare in amateur
Bassoon bass, tenor Bb1-Eb5 Bb1-Bb4 as written  
Contrabassoon bass Bb1-C5   8ve lower rare in amateur
Saxophone, all treble Bb3-G6   Bb sop: M2 lower
Eb alto: M6 lower
Bb tenor: M9 lower
Eb baritone: 8ve+M6 lower
Bb bass: 2- 8ves +M2 lower
Horn treble or bass F#2-C6 C3-G5 P5 lower  
all except Eb Bass
treble F#3-D6 A3-Bb5 C: as written
Bb: M2 lower
D: M2 higher
Eb: m3 higher
Cornet in C: as written
Cornet in A: m3 lower
Bb Bass: M9 lower
C Bass: 8ve lower
Flugelhorn: M2 lower
use only Bb and C
Trumpet, Eb Bass treble F3-C6   M6 lower  
Trombone, Tenor bass, tenor, alto E2-F5 E2-Bb4 as written  
Trombone, Bass bass Bb1-Bb4 Bb1-F4 as written, does not include pedal tones  
Tuba bass G0-C5 E1-C4 as written  
Baritone bass or treble E2-Bb4 in bass   as written in bass;
M9 lower in treble
Euphonium bass or treble Bb1-F5 E2-Bb4 as written in bass;
M9 lower in treble
rare in amateur
Timpani bass 1: C2-A2
2: F2-C3
3: Bb2-F3
4: D3-A3
  as written  
Xylophone treble G4-C7   8ve higher  
Marimba grand staff (C2 to A2)-C7 C3-C7 as written  
Glockenspiel treble G3-C6   2- 8ves higher  
Vibraphone treble F3-F6   as written  
Chimes treble C4-G5   8ve higher  
Piano grand staff A0-C8   as written  
Celesta grand staff C3-C7   octave higher  
Harpsichord grand staff F1-F6   as written  
Harmonium grand staff F1-F6   as written  
Organ grand staff C2-C7   as written  

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