Compositions by Larry Solomon

copyright © 2005 by Larry J Solomon

Composer's Statement

I am interested in creating music that is connected to human experience, and hope that my music can appeal and communicate, yet be substantive. Particularly interesting to me are untried ways of making and conceptualizing music, especially with respect to interaction with ideas and other arts. I have turned away from an exclusive atonality towards music that contains tonal or modal juxtapositions. I also incorporate improvisational performance techniques which include a degree of indeterminacy so that a composition does not become fixed, completely repeatable, or predictable -- thereby constantly changing.

A goal is to maintain interest in a work each time it is heard by incorporating performance variables. I believe this can be achieved by investing enough complexity and differentials that the music cannot be fully understood in a single hearing. Although I am not so concerned about being immediately comprehensible, I do try to use a commonly understood vocabulary in order to communicate.

Selected Compositions