Music 102, Test 2:Vocabulary

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IMPORTANT: Do not use any reference material while taking this test. Doing so will give you an inflated impression of your knowledge which will only help you fail the next test.

Click the BEST answer for each of the following (you may change any answer by simply clicking a different circle):

1. root
a first pc in a tertian arrangement
b lowest frequency in a sound
c lowest note
d lowest note of chord

2. triad
a chord of three pitches
b three pcs
c notes arranged in thirds
d three pcs arranged in thirds

3. bass
a lowest pc in a tertian arrangement
b the lowest pitch or note
c the lowest note of a chord
d the bass clef

4. diatonic
a having the same letter names
b having different letter names
c as in a scale
d opposite of enharmonic

5. key
a tonic
b tonality
c tonic plus mode
d the scale you're playing

6. enharmonic
a different notations for the same sound
b same notation for different sounds
c nonharmonic notes
d inharmonic partials

7. tonic
a the predominant pitch class (pc)
b the first note of a scale
c the first note
d the last note in the music

8. interval
a two pitches
b difference in frequency
c distance between notes
d two different pcs

9. dominant
a the dominating voice
b the fifth degree of a scale
c the predominant pc
d the dominating note

10. compound meter
a an interval larger than an octave
b a meter that is evenly divided by 3
c asymmetrical meters, like 5 or 7
d made up by adding two or more meters

11. scale
a a ladder of notes
b notes spelled alphabetically
c notes arranged in order
d pitches or pcs arranged in ascending order

12. chord
a 3 or more pcs considered simultaneously
b harmonic series
c harmony
d notes played at once

13. is a:
a compound sextuple
b compound duple
c simple triple
d simple sextuple

14. is a:
a compound duple
b compound triple
c simple duple
d simple triple

15. meter
a rhythmic organization
b a grouping of pulses or beats
c duple and triple
d simple and compound

16. parallel keys
a keys having the same signature
b the white keys
c keys having the same tonic
d keys that run parallel on the keyboard

17. mode
a a way of organizing music
b interval series used to construct a scale
c same as a scale
d ancient organization of rhythm

18. tertian
a three pcs
b anything that can be arranged in thirds
c arranged in thirds
d sounds of the earth

19. fundamental
a basis of chords
b lowest frequency in a sound
c lowest note
d bass note of a chord

20. relative keys
a keys having the same key signature
b keys related by the circle of fifths
c keys of the same scale
d keys having the same tonic