Test 2 Trial: Basic Vocabulary Quiz 

copyright 2003 - 2010 by Larry Solomon

Choose the best answer for each of the following:

1. pitch class (pc)
a pitches an octave apart
b enharmonic notes
c the loudest frequency in a sound
d all pitches having the same name

2. pitch
a a note
b a sound
c loudest frequency in a sound
d lowest frquency in a sound

3. triad
a notes arranged in thirds
b three pcs arranged in thirds
c chord of three pitches
d three pcs

4. tertian
a arranged in thirds
b sounds of the earth
c three pcs
d anything that can be arranged in thirds

5. root
a lowest note
b lowest note of chord
c first pc in a tertian arrangement
d lowest frequency in a sound

6. mode
a same as a scale
b a way of organizing music
c interval series used to construct a scale
d ancient organization of rhythm

7. chord
a 3 or more pcs considered simultaneously
b harmony
c notes played at once
d harmonic series

8. meter
a rhythmic organization
b a grouping of pulses or beats
c duple and triple
d simple and compound

9. bass
a the lowest note of a chord
b the bass clef
c lowest pc in a tertian arrangement
d the lowest pitch or note

10. fundamental
a lowest note
b bass note of a chord
c basis of chords
d lowest frequency in a sound

11. key
a tonic
b tonic plus mode
c the scale you're playing
d tonality

12. enharmonic
a different notations for the same sound
b nonharmonic notes
c inharmonic partials
d same notation for different sounds

13. diatonic
a having the same letter names
b as in a scale
c opposite of enharmonic
d having different letter names

14. interval
a distance between notes
b two different pcs
c two pitches
d difference in frequency

15. relative keys
a keys of the same scale
b keys having the same tonic
c keys having the same key signature
d keys related by the circle of fifths

16. compound meter
a asymmetrical meters, like 5 or 7
b made up by adding two or more meters
c an interval larger than an octave
d a meter that is evenly divided by 3

17. tonic
a the predominant pitch class (pc)
b the first note
c the last note in the music
d the first note of a scale

18. scale
a notes arranged in order
b pitches or pcs arranged in ascending order
c a ladder of notes
d notes spelled alphabetically

19. parallel keys
a keys having the same signature
b keys having the same tonic
c keys that run parallel on the keyboard
d the white keys

20. dominant
a the predominant pc
b the dominating note
c the dominating voice
d the fifth degree of a scale

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