Myths, Musical and Otherwise   

copyright © 2003 by Larry Solomon

Myth No. 1: Listening to Mozart enhances your IQ, motor skills, memory, critical thinking, mood, etc?

Fact: Media hype and shoddy research would have you believe this, but recent scrutiny has shown conclusively that there is no such thing as a "Mozart Effect". As with many similar "spectacles", the Mozart Effect is just another excuse for marketing products and duping the public. Read about it::

The Mozart Effect, by Michael Linton (1999)
"Mozart Effect" Strikes False Chord (1999)

Myth No. 2: Music makes people more humane.

Fact: Many people are involved in the music profession. This group of people, as a group, is just as morally and ethically diverse as any other group. Hitler was an aspiring musician and artist. Back stabbing is just as prevalent in the music profession as in any field. Musical amateurs, as a group, are just as diverse. Many are wonderful people, while others are despicably behaved. Making music does not necessarily make one more humane or more moral. There are too many examples of just the opposite.

Myth No. 3: Postmodernism has superceded and debunked Modernism

Fact: Postmodernism has been debunked and discredited. Today's universities are infected with the craze of "Postmodernism", where nothing is better than anything else, everything is relative, there is no such thing as truth, rational thought is dead, and all of our traditional learning is vilified by politics. Modern rational thought is still very much alive, on the other hand. Read about it:

Postmodern Assault on Truth
Postmodern Quakery
What is Postmodernism?

Myth No. 4: Richard Wagner's music and operas demonstrate his loving nature, his goodness. They express deep-felt love and compassion.

Fact: Wagner's music dramas (operas) were composed specifically to express and instill racial dominance and racial hatred. Read about it:

Wagner and Hitler essay

Myth No. 5: Women are more loving than men, more benign, less deceitful, less aggressive and destructive, and therefore they would govern society more benignly and humanely than men.

Books about abused men, male hatred, female power and privilege, and the "poor me" syndrome.


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