John Cage Filmography   

by Adam D Jameson

John Cage: born 5 September 1912, Los Angeles, CA; died 12 August 1992, New York, NY (stroke)

Illinois State University Cinema Society
reverse chronology

1. Modulations (1998); Dir: Iara Lee; Features Cage footage from Dick Fontaine's "Sound?? Rahsaan Roland Kirk and John Cage".

2. Sonic Acts: From Stockhausen to Squarepusher (1998); Interviewee: archival footage.

3. From Zero (1995); Dir and written by Andrew Culver and Frank Scheffer; JC's music is featured. 85 min

4. Die Rache der Toten Indianer (1993); 125 min, color, sound

5. One 11 and 103 (1992); Director: Henning Lohner; 94 min, b&w, sound

6. Beach Birds for Camera (1992); music: JC

7. Film über Nichts (1992); text score Lecture on Nothing

8. The Chaotic Universe (1992); Conceived by Louwrien Wijers; Dir: Maxine Harris; Produced by Sheldon Rochlin, Louwrien Wijers;Asset Foundation (Amsterdam); Mystic Fire Video (New York)

9. Art Meets Science and Spirituality in a Changing Economy (1992); Conceived by Louwrien Wijers; Dir: by Maxine Harris; Produced by Sheldon Rochlin, Louwrien Wijers; Asset Foundation (Amsterdam); Mystic Fire Video (New York)

10. Cage/Cunningham (1991) Dir: Eliot Caplan; Contains footage of a filmed version of "Four Walls".

11. John Cage: Man and Myth (1990); Director: John Corber; Features interviews with John Cage. Also features interviews with: Glynn Branca, Philip Glass, Richard Kostelanetz, others; videotape

12. I have nothing to say and I am saying it (1990); Dir:Allan Miller;with Laurie Anderson, Leo Castelli, Richard Kostelanetz, Yoko Ono, David Tudor, and others; features a performance of 4'33" by David Tudor and excerpts from "Dreams That Money Can Buy", "Chesspiece", a vdeographed version of "Minutiae", and a filmed version of "26'1.499" For String Player".

13. Ryoanji (1990); Dr: Lawrence F. Brose; music: John Cage; music performed by the Buffalo New Music Ensemble; 20 min, 16mm, color

14. Mr. Hoover and I (1989); Dirs: Emile de Antonio and Vincent Hanlon; John Cage acted in this film.

15. Changing Steps (1989); Dirs: Elliot Caplan and Merce Cunningham; Editor: Elliot Caplan; Choreographer: Merce Cunningham; music: John Cage (Cartridge Music); Cinematographer: Matthew Williams; Narrator: Robert Redford; Producer: Timothy J. Nelson; Production Companies: Cunningham Dance Foundation, Inc. (New York); LaSEPT, Video West, The Sundance Institute; Distributor: Cunningham Dance Foundation, Inc.; 39'

16. Jasper Johns: Ideas in Paint (1989); Dir/producer: Rick Tejada-Flores; music: Peter Barshay ; narrator: Polly Adams; features interviews with John Cage and Merce Cunningham produced by WHYY, Inc. with WNET/New York. Distributed by RM Arts episode of the PBS series American Masters; 56'., color

17. ChessFilmNoise (1988); Dir: Frank Scheffer; Composer: John Cage (used the I Ching) Documentary of chess match between Cage and Stephen Lowy.

18. Points in space (1986); music by JC

19. An hour with John Cage (1986); Dir: Rick Stafford; Documentary of Cage composing and performing.

20. John Cage Performs James Joyce (1985); Dir: Takahiko Iimura; 15 min, video, color, sound in English & Japanese; 15'

21. For the Third Time; John Cage speaks with Richard Kostelanetz about the techniques he used in "Writing Through Finnegans Wake" (1977) and "Writing for the Second Time Through Finnegans Wake" (1977). videotape, made for public access TV

22. Four American Composers (1983); Dir: Peter Greenaway; Documentary on John Cage's music. Cage appears as an interviewee.

23. Poetry in Motion (1982) Dir: Ron Mann; Documentary: John Cage appears as himself; Also appearing: Helen Adam, Miguel Alagarin, Ted Berrigan, Charles Bukowski, William S. Burroughs, Jim Carroll, Jayne Cortez, Robert Creeley, Christopher Dewdney, Allen Ginsberg, John Giorno, Michael McClure, Ted Milton, Michael Ondaatje, Ed Sanders, Gary Snyder, Tom Waits, Anne Waldman

24. Merce Cunningham & Company (1982); Dir by Benoit Jacquot Produced by L'Institut National de L'Audiovisuel (INA), in association with Cunningham Dance Foundation; 45 min., color; In English and French with English subtitles

25. Video Portrait of John Cage (1979); 60 min looped video

26. 36 mesostics for: re and re Duchamp (1978); Dir: Steve Lawrence; John Cage reads from his mesostics.

27. Merce by Merce by Paik (1978); Dir: Nam June Paik and Shigeko Kubota; Sound score: David Held, Earl Howard, and John Cage; Part 1: Blue Studio (1976), Part 2: Merce and Marcel: includes excerpts from a performance of Merce Cunningham's "Septet" (Helsinki, 1964), and Russell Connor's 1964 interview with Marcel Duchamp. Produced at WNET/TV Lab; 30 min., color

28. C'est la vie Rrose (1977) Dir: Hans-Christof Stenzel ; Writers: Jörg Fauser and Hans-Christof Stenzel; John Cage appears as a schachspieler (chess player).

29. A Tribute to John Cage (1973/1976); Director: Nam June Paik; Produced for WGBH-TV; Videotape, color, sound, 29 min

30. Strange music of Nam June Paik (1975);

31. Lecture on the weather (1975); Multi-media piece with a film by Luis Frangella.

32. John Cage Mushroom Hunting in Stony Point (1972-3); Dir: Jud Yalkut;16mm film, color, silent, 7' 45"

33. Marcel Duchamp and John Cage (1972); Dir: Shigeko Kubota; b&w, sound, 28' 30"

34. Catch 44 (1971) WGBH ; videotape, color, sound, 31 min

35. Sound?? Rahsaan Roland Kirk and John Cage; Dir: Dick Fontaine

36. Aspects of a New Consciousness, Dialogue III (1969) Dir: Merrill Brockwa; 30', color,sound.

37. Poemfield No. 7 (Computer Art Series No. 7) (1968) dir: Stan Vanderbeek, music: JC; programmer: Ken Knowlton, b/w computer graphics colorized by Brown and Olvey , 16mm, color; computer generated, text based film; distributed by the New York Filmmakers Cooperative

38. Variations V (1965/1966) NDR TV, Hamburg, Gordon Mumma & Stan Vanderbeek

39. In Between (1955) Stan Brakhage, 16mm color, 10'

40. Works of Calder (1950) Moma, NY; music: JC

41. Dreams That Money Can Buy (1947); Man Ray & Hans Richter; music for "discs" section

42. At Land (1944) Maya Deren; Cage appears briefly as an actor

43. An Optical Poem (1937)

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