Background Preliminary

Bach C Major Prelude WTCI

copyright © 2001 by Larry J Solomon

All black notes of the Middleground have been deleted. The remaining white notes are verticalized. Voice doublings are located and marked; e.g., E------D---------C in the soprano S1is duplicated in the second alto A2 and second tenor T2. C----------B-------------C in thesecond soprano S2 is duplicated in the first tenot T1 and third tenor T3. The lowest of the inner voices is noted for deletion.

The background is reduced to one domain, tonic, and any notes that are not part of the tonic chord are blackened and must be accounted for as step progressions to and from tonic notes. This leads to the Ursatz:

Only one black note is reinstated from the middleground, the F4 (circled) that shows the step progression from G to E in the alto.

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